a Prosperity MINDSET

...for Success, Happiness, Peace & Fulfillment


P-R-O-S-P-E-R-I-T-Y - it's all around us - it's everywhere

When we look around at the turmoil and adversities that our world 
population is suffering today [violence / drugs / floods / hurricanes / wars /
poverty / corruption], it's often very difficult to even think of prosperity and
 abundance.  Yet, as we have discussed on the previous page - this MINDSET
of forward thinking CAN be the very stepping stone to our success, healing,
happiness and wealth. It's a mental process - one that our very economic
survival, our financial success, our future wellbeing - may depend on.  

Sowing and reaping are universal laws of nature, because God set them
to be universal laws of nature. These laws work in all things. What ever is sown
is ultimately
what is reaped.  Give first, and get.  The scriptures do declare it!

This law states that there is more than enough out there for everyone. This
is because we live in a world of great abundance, where we have access to all
the resources that we could
ever need or wish for. We live in a universe that is a
place of abundance. Prosperity and true abundance
(including happiness, peace 
of mind and harmony, as well as money) comes into a person's life only
or she facilitates its
free flow from and through himself or herself.

"Our world has sufficient supply for all. There is no lack of anything in this universe.
There is more
than enough of everything everybody needs on this planet to live joyous,
peaceful, productive
fulfilling lives. All we have to do is share. “There’s enough”
is a truth that could
 change the world.
There IS enough. For everyone, forever. All 
we really have to
do is respectfully use what we need, and then,
share the rest".
-- Neale Donald Walsch -- novelist, author, spiritual leader

"The world is awash in money! Do you hear what that means?  It is awash in money. It
 is flowing freely for
everyone.  It is just like Niagara Falls.  And most of you are showing up with
your teaspoons".
Abraham-Hicks -- spititual teachers [Science of Deliberate Creation]

The majority of us have been inundated throughout our lives to believe that
success, fulfillment and prosperity - if attainable at all - can only happen as a result
of being "lucky" - working harder and longer - struggling, and "clawing our way to the
top."  We have been told and taught what is "practical" and "possible" in relation to
achieving success and fulfillment in life, and conditioned to believe that success and
fulfillment and abundance is only attained and achieved by the fortunate few - or
that it's only possible through sacrificing in other important areas of our lives. 

When we focus on SCARCITY - FEAR and LACK - believing there is never enough
to go around - never enough money, resources, love, opportunity, friendship, passion,
excitement or fulfillment - we erroneously perceive a shortage of everything that is 
desirable - we think we must grab - and hoard - whatever we can - before someone
else comes along and takes it. Tragically, we always see the glass as half empty -
and dwell on all the problems and challenges, instead of the blessings and joy.

In contrast, when we focus on PROSPERITY - we believe just the opposite of the
scarcity/fear/lack focused mindset. We know there's more than enough for everyone -
so there is no need to grab what we can right now. People with a high "consciousness
of wealth" mindset believe in a never-ending flow of prosperity and joy, and they 
know we can take our time and enjoy the moment. The glass is not just half-full - 
it's overflowing - from a constantly bubbling stream feeding it from beneath.


HOW do we switch from scarcity/fear/lack to a mindset of "conscious
wealth/prosperity?" By DE-PROGRAMMING our minds, and instead - choosing
'prosperity' in our thinking, moment to moment. By having a BIG DREAM.  By
finding the right Wealth Creation Vehicles --- ones that will provide
"multiple streams" of ongoing, leveraged passive income. By associating
with like-minded individuals. By practicing some "self love."

We must be willing to ignore our old inner messages of lack and emptiness, 
and begin replacing them with messages of plenty -- of hope - of solid belief in
the enormous possibilities out there, and accepting that we DESERVE more.

Using special techniques, and divine guidance, we CAN tap into our own inner
wisdom and reveal our own answers - ones that produce a greater understanding
and a much higher awareness. It's
a journey of exploration and self discovery for 
personal growth - manifesting our hearts desires into reality at the same time.
There are many wonderful resources that offer universal principles and tools
for deliberate creation as a foundation. These include spiritual teachings from well known authors such as - Doreen Virtue PhD, Dr Wayne Dyer, John Randolph Price,
Esther & Jerry Hicks (the teachings of Abraham), Randy Gage - and many others.


The TRUTH is - we are limitless beings - we exist in an infinite and limitless
universe - with limitless potential to achieve ANYTHING that we can conceive and
truly believe in our minds. The moment we absolutely 'commit' ourselves - then
providence moves too. Abundance - prosperity - happiness will flourish for us.

And when it does - not only will we have more than enough for ourselves
and our loved ones - we can aspire to much greater heights. We can make a
difference in the lives of others - we can
make a real difference in our world -
for more peace - for change in politics / religion / economics / the environment!
"Prosperity is the ability to be 'open to receive' all the gifts God has to offer. It is
the ability to know
that enjoying these gifts IS our natural state of being - 
it IS our inheritance - it IS a divine right".   (Bijan)

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